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After Cyclone Debbie (March/Apr 2017), we had various areas of the road side that had been damaged.  We undertook to plant many of these areas in order to strengthen them and prevent further washouts.

This was another gully needed some planting to help hold the ground in place.

Roadside planting in wash gully

This gully, just one corner up from the house, had had significant flow  in March/April and a large amount of rock and debris ahd moved down the gully.

It all got cleaned up in the post-cyclone cleanup, but Scenic Rim Regional Council have done zero further maintenance and the gully was now filling with weeds and noxious plants.

It is unlikely that this gully will ever again flow as it did during the cyclone, but reinforcing it with some plantings means we don’t have to worry if another ex-tropical cyclone comes along.

Roadside planting in wash gully

We planted four rows of Lomanadras across the gully on the high side of the road and a combination of Lomandra hystrix and Lomandra longifolia was used.

This will form a wall to hold in place any ‘ground’ that tries to move down the gully. Over time the Lomandras should almost completely block the gully.