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A few days ago we started work on the House to Plot earth stairs and over the last two days we have completed most of the main structure.

First job was to complete the stringers, which was a quick job as all the major work had been done.  We just needed to get the stringers as level and in line and fit the last one in place.

This was a tough job as the hill we are building on slopes in multiple directions so trying to get the stringers to line up with each other needed a little guess work but they ended up pretty damn straight.


With the stringers in place the next job was to fit and level the risers.  Another difficult job because of the slope of the hill and our slightly uneven stringers.  but we persevered.

The difficulty was keeping the riser level, while also keeping it in line with the previous step and then keeping the distance between risers even and step-able.

Again, another difficult job but achievable with a little brain work and muscle.

In the end then lined up well and when completed they looked straight.

Stringers in place and ready for risers.
Stringers as straight and level as we could get them

With the Risers in place we had finished the construction part of the stairs.  The next job would be to fill the stairs.

There are two outstanding jobs to be completed for the stirs.

The Bottom step will need an additional small step to get to the ground on the plot level.  At present the last step is just too big to be safe.

We have also left out one riser at the very top of the stairs.  This will be installed when we complete the the deck level.  This will require more retaining walls and the top level will be lifted by 3-400mm.

Thus the last riser will form the top step when the top level is complete.

You can see the missing last riser in the last image on this page.


With these stairs completed we are expecting things to massively improve in regards to moving stuff around the property. We have been carrying stuff down a slippery gravel path down the hill for the months since we got here.

We have more stairs to complete as well.  The next will most likely be Plot level to Tank level. 

Another big job!

The almost finished stairs.



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