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We picked up some new “used” Solar Panels today as part of the upgrading of our current solar system.

We knew we needed more generation power, and were planning on picking up at least another 10 250W panels(2.5kW),  with the possible option of another 10 after that. That would give us an extra 5kW(10kW) on top of your current 3.5kW(New system), vastly increasing our generation power.

After looking at new panels, and used panels online, I decided used panels were probably the best option.  This is because with the current solar rebates scheme many people are upgrading their solar systems and disposing of their relatively ‘young’ solar panels.

So we picked up 28  new “used” 250W solar panels that are < 2 years old. This was a bulk buy from an solar system that was being upgraded and represented extraordinary good value. The panels cost us < $90.00 each.  That is 1/3 the price of a new panel, and these panels should still have a life of > 10 years.

As I think I have mentioned before, our “old” system consists of 10 BP 190W solar panels that are already >15 years old and still generate good power every day.


So now I just have to build the frames to attach the new panels to the Shed roof…  but that will be another story.





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