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Today we attacked South park again.  Clearing six years of unrestrained grass and weed growth is a tough job but I know how good this area of the property can look.

Shionagh does not have the same faith…   but she will see the difference when we are finished.

South Park is the large open forest area below the South Wall and runs down to the bottom road.  In the first picture below you will see what the area look like at one stage back around the year 2000.

South Park around 2000

It does not look like that now 🙁

6 plus+ years  of not being controlled has left South Park a giant tussock grass hill with multiple lantanas and masses of Crofton Weed and Mist Flower.

First job is to ‘find the bottom’ and see what is actually growing.

So we hit it hard with our new 4-stroke mower.  We bought this model for its power and toque and it had little trouble chewing through the masses of grass..  as long as you took it slowly.

Clearing South Park

We left all the grass cuttings on the Park and with rain and time they will become nutrition for the remaining grasses and trees. The cuttings also help protect the grass and surface from the heavy rain we often get.

Good progress was made to day, but this is a job that will be ongoing as we get on top of weeds and keep the grass controlled.

South Park will return to it’s former glory…  hopefully.

Clearing South Park

Those Jacarandas are for the chop too! 🙂




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