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Today we continued building the back steps that take us from the back yard to the Orchard and the Compost bins.

The steps are simple and as always are made from mostly recycled materials.

The logs forming the earth steps are old fence posts picked up fro our local community notice board here in Canungra.  The pins that hold them in place are the ‘legs’ from some nursery tables we also picked up via a the local community board.

Back Steps

The steps are first dug into the bank, and then the fence posts are laid across and ‘pinned’ in place with the galvanised legs.  The steps are then back filled with local soil and then deeply covered with mulch.

We always excessively mulch these types of steps as over time and following rain, the steps will settle into the timber holding them. This also returns a large amount of organic material to the soil of the hill.  Something it is sadly lacking after behind neglected for some years.

We got a couple of new steps done today and will be back to finish them in the near future.  And soon we will have a safe way to get don to the orchard.




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