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Because we are building walls, deck, garden beds etc,  we make regular trips to our local hardware for the supplies we need.  But today disaster struck!

While collecting 3.0 m  pine sleepers from our local Bunnings, we dropped one and it landed on Shionagh’s foot!

I don’t know how she did it but she barely let out a sound… and it landed with a big thud!

After a little attendance from Bunnings staff an ambulance was called and Shionagh got shipped off to the local Emergency Department to get her foot x-rayed etc.  She could not walk on it..  so we assumed it was broken 🙁

I want to thank the staff at Bunnings. They were helpful and attentive and got us out of there as soon as feasible.

This was an unfortunate accident and in no way anyone’s fault.


So off to hospital we went, got an x-ray that confirmed a small break in one bone, and Shionagh was given a supportive boot, painkillers and an appointment.

We escaped after just a few hours and again the staff and service at our local Emergency Department was good and fairly efficient.

We were back home before the sun went down and Shionagh was in good spirits and resting with her smashed up foot elevated.

We did learn a few lessons from this little incident.

Safety gear is now a must for any hardware trip. Gloves etc.

Most importantly though, steel-toed boots are a mandatory for every trip 




PS….  I kept the sleeper!  and it will become part of the new fire deck.





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