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Around the time of Easter in South East Queensland there is an explosion of colourful yellow-flowering trees along roads and through the native bushland.

Many people see it as a glorious flowering of pretty “australian” trees. 

Unfortunately they could not be more wrong.

What they are seeing is a widespread and unconstrained spread of a South American weed tree.

Flowering Easter Cassias appear around easter each year, though they sometimes flower at other times in other environments.

This makes them easy to spot and signals an excellent time to find and destroy them.

They are a declared weed (Class R in Qld) in multiple jurisdictions.



As usual our mountain road is the major spreading artery for this and other weeds, and once established, weather and birds add to the spread as well.

We have large amounts of these trees across our property despite a concerted effort every Easter to destroy as many as possible. 

Easter Cassia

Easter Cassia

These pictures show the uncontrolled Easter Cassias along Lamington Nation Park Rd, outside of Canungra and are just a small illustration of the huge numbers of this tree all around SEQ roads.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads, that is responsible for our mountain road does nothing to contain the growth or spread of these plants.  These pictures show the huge number of E cassias in the DTMR controlled road reserve.

Easter Cassia

So now is the time to go Easter Cassia hunting!

We have been and weather permitting will continue our battle against them in the next few weeks while they are easy to find.

Treating them involves, finding them, chopping them down and then poisoning(Glypho) the cut stems.  There are usually multiple trees in one place, and many will have multiple stems.It can be a time consuming and exhaustion job, but we are determined to rid the property of these exotic trees.

So this year or next year around Easter, keep an eye out for these trees and make a concerted effort to destroy them or inform someone that can/should.

Easter Cassia



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