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We had good rain through the beginning of March, and in fact quite a bit more than average. By the end of the month we had had around 200mm, which is more than twice the monthly average.

This wasn’t all bad, as we had just moved our main water tank, and needed good rain to fill it.

Tropical Cyclone Debbie has just smashed it’s way through the tropical coast of Queensland, and after turning into an Ex-Tropical Cyclone in Central/Western Queensland, she turned south and then east and headed to the SE corner of Queensland.

She arrived today!

We ventured out for our first trip up the road on Thursday morning, and we immediately hit landslides and washouts along Lamington National Park Rd. (Above and Below)

At the first landslip  across the road we found the Green Mountains section Rangers, a Qld SES vehicle and Channel 7.  All had been stopped by the slip, and were contemplating what to do next.

At this time, a man had been missing in Lamington National Park for 2 days and the Rangers and SES were part of the search teams endeavouring to get up the mountain.

This first slip was significant and essentially cut and closed the road. This was at about 0900  on Thursday.

Rain was now falling consistently, and at timed it was torrential.  We retreated to home and waited for the consequences of the heavy rain to make themselves apparent.

We did not have to wait too long.






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