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Heavy rain continued to fall through Thursday morning and we could hear and see water pouring down the mountain in lots of places.

We knew there would be more ‘damage’ to the road, and possibly to areas of our property too…  so ventured out again when the rain eased.

Landslip and Road blockage - Lamington National Park Rd - Cyclone Debbie - 30th March

It did not take us long to find more rain damage. 🙁  (see above and below)

A large slide had occurred at the head of our South Gully.  This blocked the drain that normally carried water under the road and down the gully.  As a consequence, water was running freely down the sides of the road.

We know from previous experience that this is a bad sign, and more down-side washouts would occur.


** Apologies for the poor quality pictures..    It was pissing down!

Landslides and Road blockages - Lamington National Park Rd - Cyclone Debbie - 30th March

We ventured out again about 13:00 to take another look.  Rain had been continuous and torrential at times, and we had had over 100 mm in the preceding 12 hours or so.

Within 50 metres of home we could see that the damage was serious, and getting worse.  Multiple landslides on to the road, multiple washouts below the road, and huge amounts of water running downhill.

More than we had ever seen before, and in places we had never seen water running.

The pictures above show the extent and breadth of the damage and water flow.

Rain was continuing, and was predicted to continue till midnight Thursday.  We still had 10+ hours of rain to go.

At this point we knew the outcome for the road was going to be bad.

We felt that the property would be alright in regards to damage. Some would occur, but we knew the work we had done already had at least partially secured our property.

So we sheltered inside, and waited to see what the next day would bring.




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