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We finished off the Grevillea garden on the Tank Level today.

It’s a good feeling, to get it finished, to get plants in the ground and see how it will all potentially look.

After finishing the tank-level wall some time ago, we planted out the southern end with Grevilleas(Various) and Climbing Guinea Flowere(Hibbertia scandens)  We could not complete and plant out the northern end, because it was filled with a massive pop-up Cherry Tomato.(See below)

Cherry Tomato - Pop-up plant

The tomato plant was huge, and super productive.  It was also a pop-up plant…  eg:  we didn’t plant it.   It most likely came from bird droppings, or from our worm juice.

So we left it in the ground and harvested tomatoes from it every day through winter.  This week it was starting to look a little sad so we made the decision to remove it and finish the garden.

Cherry Tomatoes

The tomato was removed, and additional mushroom compost was added to the soil making up the bed.  All of the tomato was removed, but it is highly likely we will get other pop-ups over the next few months.

We have plants waiting to be putting in  the ground, so once the bed was prepared we planted it out.

This section contains:

  • Grevillea “Caloundra Gem”
  • Grevillea “White Wings”
  • Grevillea arenaria

Climbing Guinea Flower(Hibbertia scandens) was planted between the Grevilleas to form a ground cover and to flow over the wall.

Grevillea garden - Tank Level

There is still lots to do here….     The bank above this garden still contains Lantana, massive amounts of Geraniums, Easter Cassias, and White Cedar(Melia azedarach) seedlings.  Most have been left in place as erosion control, but all are marked for the chop!

We have some ideas for protecting the bank, and planting it out..  but we are not there yet.




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