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We have had some delays in the last few months that have stopped us completing the last of the wall that runs behind our main tank and along the western side of the hill.

But it was time we got stuck into it again and got it finished.

We had been held up on this side because we had concentrated on the north side path and wall. having the excavator to get the north side moving along was great, but we needed to finish the ‘Compost Wall’ before summer downpours arrive.

The wall will form the last part of the west/south wall, and will be the base for our large compost bays.

Posts for the Compost Wall

We have built walls and decks and stairs etc, and we have become much faster and more efficient at getting things up.  But the one issue that always holds us up is the post holes.

As we have mentioned many times the ground here is hard. Really hard!  Our fuel-driven auger helps but it is no match for the hard stuff.   We have to use the old hands-on method.   Crow bar, trench shovel and hands!

It’s hard work.   But once done the rest is easy.

Compost Wall Posts
Compost Wall - Partly completed
Compost Wall - Partly completed

So we got the post holes done and had the posts in and cemented in place, and the following day we started the horizontal sleepers.

All went well till we ran out of sleepers!  We normally have an excess of sleepers, but we had not planned enough ahead to get this wall completed.

At least it’s the relatively easy bit left to do.




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