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With the Nursery stairs in place we can fix and level off the top level of the Nursery.

A little fill and a little mulch tidied things up perfectly.


The top level at the Nursery can now be levelled out, and finished as the stairs to the Main Level have been finished.

We picked up some fill from the road, a leftover from the post-cyclone road fix.  This fill was spread across the top level and flattened and sloped.

Large rain is always a possibility here, so we always build “drainage” into everything we construct.

So the top level has a slope towards the south. If any large volume of rain falls here, water will flow to the south and down a reinforced part of the hill that the Nursery is built on.

Fill for Stairs
Nursery - Top of stairs

Once flattened and sloped we covered the level in a thick layer of Forest Mulch.

This is our ‘go to’ ground cover at the moment and works extremely well once it has been rained on and compressed into the ground.

Nursery - Top of stairs
Nursery - Top of stairs

We have had a huge amount of mulch to use since the roadworks, but with this big application we are going to have to find some more. 

Mulch is one of the things we need a constant supply of, and it is surprising how hard it is to find.


With the mulch spread on the top level we just needed to wait for some rain to ‘bed in’ the mulch.  That would make the top level almost fully complete.

Nursery - Top of stairs
Nursery - Top of stairs