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The damage to Lamington National Park Rd caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie is still being repaired.

It has been 12 months since 400mm+ rain fell here in ‘Upper’ Cainbable.

It is now our turn to get ‘repaired’

Fixing the Road - March 2018

Fixing the Road - March 2018

There are at least 6 spots on Lamington National Park Rd that are due for repair that also adjoin our property.

So we are very interested in what the DTMR has planned in these areas.

We already have chunks of the road and debris down in our gullys and we don’t want anymore.

Most of the areas to be repaired will be completed with excavation, gabion walls and improved drains and culverts similar to the photos above.

We have not got a lot of solid information from the ‘stakeholders’, but we have seen previous repairs and have a good idea of what will be done. We have our own opinion on what is being repaired and how it is being repaired, but that is an ongoing story for another day.

Fixing the Road - March 2018

The first area of concern for us is the top of Shionagh’s Gully, where we removed our plantings recently.

The photo below shows the planned excavation and repair.  This however is subject to change, as it has been for the last 12 months.

Fixing the Road - March 2018

This was the extent of the damage in Shionagh’s Gully after Cyclone Debbie passed in March last year.

Fixing the Road - March 2018

Similar works are being done in the area of the June(2016) washout.

Part of the cost of the repairs is the loss of the two large Corymbias in the photo below.  They were felled as part of the excavation.

Fixing the Road - March 2018

Right now everyone is on a break for Easter. So no works are currently underway.

We should see some more action once the crews return – weather permitting. The anniversary of the storm is only 10 days away and there is a ton of work still to go.

Everyone, including the guys below are waiting to see what the outcome will be….

Fixing the Road - March 2018