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With the tank level wall almost finished, it is time we started on moving our 27,000  litre poly water tank.

It has been on a 14 degree ‘lean’ since we got here, and we have a nice new level pad to put the tank on. But first we have to free it from the bank it sits against. 20+ years of erosion and weather have locked it in a bed of clay

So we had to clear that clay and free the tank from it’s sticky pad.

As usual, a bit of hard slog got the back of the tank cleared and we managed to find the bottom edge. We cleared down to and under the bottom edge of the tank.  This was the best we could do and we hoped this would be enough for the tank to be released when we started ‘moving’ it.

Freeing the Water Tank
Freeing the Water Tank
Freeing the Water Tank

Now it’s ‘free’, we have to move the tank.

…still working on that one. 🙂