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Just below the backyard and down towards the Orchard are a number of large Palm Trees.  We have not identified the exact species, but we believe they are not native palms.  Specifically not ‘native’ to this area.

So they are ‘for the chop!’

Our overriding aim is to remove as many as the exotic and non-indigenous plants.

Removing the Palm Trees

Five of the larger Palm Trees were felled and their foliage stripped. The trunks were cut to lengths will be re-used to make supports for the Orchard Path.

There are more Palm Trees for the chop, but we need to secure the bank they are on before we take any more down.

This was only achievable after we bought a new Chain Saw.  A serious Chain Saw! – but more on that later.

Removing and Re-using the Palm Trees

The foliage and fronds were used as landfill and habitat creation.

Just below the the Orchard and South Park are two large holes.  One caused by the fall of a large Sheoak and another hole created by the slip that moved our Flame Tree(Brachychion acerifolius) down the hill after Ex Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

We have been filling these holes with vegetation, logs, rocks and palm fronds for some time.  Over time these areas will fill the holes and help secure the hill.  In the interim they are great habitat for the local Native Birds and Animals.

Creating Habitat piles - The Sheoak Hole
Creating Habitat piles - The Flame Tree Hole

There was a big bonus to removing these Palm Trees.  The view from the backyard and the kitchen improved dramatically, opening the view all the way down to the Waterfall and South Gully.

Shionagh was very glad to see the dead palm fronds removed and the trees lopped.  The outlook when doing the washing up improved significantly! 🙂




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