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In less than 3 months we we have planted the following food:

Spinach, lettuce, kale, parsley, 3 types of basil, rosemary, mint, Vietnamese mint, turmeric, lemongrass, sage, thyme, anise hyssop, spring onions, coriander, rocket, chilies, zucchini and strawberries. They are growing well and we use them all regularly.


Preparing the garden bed


As soon as we moved in, we knocked up a raised garden bed filling it with mushroom compost that we bought off the side of the road from a mushroom grower. We added local mountain soil that we also acquired off the side of the road along with horse manure that was also being sold on the road 😉 After mixing well, we covered in cardboard and let it cook for a month before starting to plant. The photo below is after just 2 months of growing.



In the following months we expect our bananas, dragon fruit, pineapples, beetroot and onions will also start producing.

You can also find some native bush tucker like a Peanut Tree, several varieties of Lilly Pillys,  small leaf tamarind, native figs and raspberries.



I think you’ll agree this proves it’s not hard to get healthy fresh food growing so that you are more sustainable and less reliant on buying food.





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