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Water has always been an issue here.

Partly due to the steepness of our property(No flat land for tanks), and partly due to the intermittent nature of rain on the western side of the coastal ranges.

So good water storage is paramount.  But as mentioned our sever lack of “flat land” makes things difficult.

When we re-righted the lead shed-level tank earlier this month, we had an opportunity to add to our shed-level water storage.  So we purchased 2 x 2000 litre modular poly tanks that would fit easily and securely with our existing tanks.

New water tanks - Shed level
New water tanks - Shed level

Each of the existing tanks is connected at it’s base.(See images below)  This means that the load of water is shared across all tanks.

This means it is also easy to add new tanks into the string.  We disconnected the last tank, slotted the two new tanks into position and connected them.

Then we slipped the last tank back in and connected it back up…. and we were done.

We added some more gravel to the base, and added some supporting structures to contain the base and gravel.

Water Tank connector
Water Tank connector
Shed Tanks - Diagram

The new tanks are in, and now all we have to do is wait for rain…   unfortunately that looks to be a long way off.

That will give us time to sort out the overflow for the shed-level tanks. Another big and complex job!