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The final sections of our major wall construction are due for completion… and then that will be the end!

Just two sections left to complete….


The final two sections were just a little ‘oversized’, after the auger we used moved against the hard ground and shifted our holes.  It was always likely that the distances would vary as the ground is so hard to penetrate, and is full of rocks.

But we made it work and the vertical wall posts were solidly in place.

We needed to excavate a little further down at each wall section as the excavator we used to clear this area, could not reach down far enough.  The restricted space was a bit of a hassle.

Clearing the last 200 mm from the bottom of the sections was hard.  We are mid-drought at the moment and the ground is like rock and everything is dusty.

We got it done, and the first sleepers fitted in perfectly and fit nicely into the new ground level.



These sections were just slightly over 2.4m wide and we had to get 3m sleepers to bridge the gap.  Each section was reinforced with multiple cross-sleepers running across the section. 

This will help stop bowing and cracking if the hill starts to put pressure on the wall.

And then it was done…….   well almost….

Gotta pick up a couple of bits of timber to finish things off completely..

Should be done by next week.  Yippee!




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