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Since completing the stair structure we have been filling in the earth steps with a ‘mountain soil’ base.  Only a little rain got in the way.

But we got things finished.


So we started packing the stairs with fill before the rain came..  and then had to hold off a few days till the weather cleared.

The stairs were packed with ‘mountain soil’ and lightly compressed. Then a layer of mushroom compost was placed over the top of each stair.

Rain tried to wash our base away.
Finished base in stairs
Mushroom soil layer and plantins in stairs.

We want everywhere to be as productive as possible, so we planned to plant each step of the new stairs.

We looked hard for a REALLY tough native ground cover but could not find anything that can survive our heat and sun.

So we decided to go with Oregano.  A usable herb that is super tough and walkable.

We planted each step with 3 Oregano plants and watered them in.

This should give us some good cover quickly.

Lastly we mulched the stairs with ‘freshish’ forest mulch and stomped it in.

We now need some more rain to bed the stairs in and make the mulch stick together.


With the stairs complete we now have easy access to the plot level after spending months taking our lives in our hands on the old gravel path.

This will be a lasting and huge improvement to the property.




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