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Exotic tree removed

Another exotic tree got the chop today!  This one was on the right of the driveway and we believe it was is/was a Brazilian Cherry or similar tree.

Either way its gone….

It will be replaced with a Riberry – Syzigium leuhmannii – (Narrow leaved version). We have groing up this tree for the last couple of years in a sheltered area in the backyard.

The position on the driveway is open and in full sun for large parts of the day, so this tree needed to be strong and healthy from day one.


The tree was surprisingly hard to cut.  It was solid wood and strong.(Then I did some reading on Brazilian cherry wood!)

We cut the top branches off and exposed the stump and immediately discovered that this tree had been here for a long time.

The tree had about half a metre of trunk covered by mulch rocks and soil.  The remaining stump was also SOLID wood and impossible to move due to big roots.

So we made the decision to chop/grind the stump and plant next to it.

But…   the big chainsaw is out of commission.  So we fired up the old 40cc reliable chainsaw. It started first time and ran beautifully…  the chain was buggered and wouldn’t cut butter 🙁

That leaves us with a stump until we get the Chainsaw fixed.

We have looked at the possibility of killing it in place and planting next to it, and this may be the solution.

…..  we’ll be back.




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