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With the road works coming to an end we are seeing the ‘finished product’ in some areas.

Our new “Mount Rushmore” is almost complete.  This is a big landslide fix about 2 kilometres up the road from us.

This landslide/slip was the biggest along the road, and contained some huge rocks as can be seen in the original slide pictures below.

The Big Slide - Site 18

The first picture(above) is the slide in total from the western side.

The other picture(below) is from the road below the slide, looking back up the hill.  It’s a long way up!

The Big Slide - Site 18

The fix is ‘shotcrete'(pumped concrete) over mesh.  There are also lots of giant soil nails that tie the concrete back into the mountain.  You can see them in the pictures.

It has been many months that the “PCA boys” and “the Bachelors” have been here.  Slowly putting in nail after nail, while suspended on ropes a good 20 metres in the air.

This is a dangerous corner on the road, and is probably the most prone to big rock falls.  The road has been blocked here a number of times.  The fix here will work and keep that section of the mountain intact, but we have the feeling that we have not seen the last rock to fall from here.

'Mount Rushmore'

This(above) is a side view of the fix, facing towards the west.

At the end of the ‘wall’ there is about a 300m cliff – with no road protection at all.  We will be very interested to see if that changes when all is done.

(Please excuse the bad lighting)

The picture(above) has Shionagh in the picture so you can get an idea of the scale.

The last image is a panorama of the full repair site.




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