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Our indigenous Native Raspberries are flowering and fruiting at the moment, and that means fresh raspberries for breakfast.

Which gave us an idea for a cool drink on these very hot days.


A really simple spritzer with fresh Raspberries…  and it really is simple.

We picked up some Native Raspberries on our morning walk around the property.  The raspberries were from our raspberry pile in the South Gully. 

Where we had cleared and cleaned up the lantana, we had left big habitat piles of dead lantana, and over these piles we have trained the indigenous native raspberries.

This gives habitat to the local wildlife and gives us an easy structure to pick the raspberries from.


Native Raspberry Spritzer



1 x Handful of fresh native raspberries

Soda Water



Separate raspberries into 2 equal portions

Place 1 portion in a large cold glass, and crush

Once crushed add the second portion of raspberries and ice as desired.

Stir vigorously


Native Raspberries


We gave the fresh picked raspberries a good wash when we got home.

We separated the raspberries into two equal amounts. 

One serving was crushed in the bottom of a large cold glass. 

The second serving was added to the glass as whole raspberries.

Then fill the glass with ice and soda water and give it a good stir.


Then sit back and enjoy.

Native Raspberry Spritzer

Unfortunately things did not end well for us this day…

Native Raspberry Spritzer



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