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We have paths that we have cut through South park and the Orchard, but they are incomplete and the paths are not connected.

So today we set about completing and connecting a number of bits of path.


The first part that needed to be addressed is the path below the Grey Water Filter Pond above the Orchard.

New Path - South Park/Orchard

New Path - South Park/Orchard

This walkway path has been slowly fading away with rain and decreased protective vegetation.   In wet periods it’s a slippery muddy mess.

We cut the path into the hill recently, creating a level path with a slight slope back into the hill. This will help with water control across the South Park and Orchard hill.

Today the new path was heavily covered in fresh forest mulch.

This creates a good solid and free-draining base to the path.  The thick layer of Forest Mulch slows and disrupts the flow of water over the hill, and encourages rain soaking into the hill, instead of running over it.

We have lost parts of this hill to water flow including the circular slip in South park post Cyclone Debbie, and the Flame Tree slip also associated with Cyclone Debbie. The whole of South Park hill is, by definition, the result of land slips, and we don’t want any more.