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We have some good friends here in our local area and just up the mountain a bit, friends own a small parcel of land right on the border of the rainforest.

They have a number of large and old citrus and fruit trees, that do extremely well in the rainforest environment.

So when we went to get some ‘free’ lemons we were surprised to see the size of some of the lemons.  This is the one we picked and brought home.

Big Lemon
Big Lemon

Lemon Stats:


Height: 135 mm

Weight: 969 gms

Pith Depth: 26mm

Juice Extracted: >150 mls


We grow a lot of food here at Arborlon as part of our effort to be as sustainable as possible.  One part of that sustainability agenda is to source local produce.  Hand in hand with that is sharing food with neighbours and people in town.

We share and swap the excess food we grow and pass on plants/seedlings and cuttings to locals when ever we can.

Getting local lemons, from a local ‘supplier’, at no cost, is just part of being sustainable.

We have another local ‘enterprise’ that recently had tons of fruit on their fruit trees and they offered them to no one.  An entire orchard full of fruit rotted on the ground.

This enormous wastage just makes no sense to us.


Share you stuff people 🙂

Simpsons - Lemon Tree
Shionagh - Lemon Tree



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