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The next(and last) deck to clean is the back/laundry deck.

This deck was probably the one in worst condition of them all and really needed  a hard clean.

As this deck sits in the shade form much of the winter months it was very darkened and stained from mould and dirt.

There is also a fair bit of ‘road grime’ that lands on our house and surrounds because of our proximity to Lamington National Park Rd.

Cleaning the last deck

But like the other decks it was not too hard to clean.  The pressure washer took care of all the dirt and grime and it cleaned up well.

Now clean, we will give it a couple of days to dry and then oil it like the others.  The other decks have come up well…  so we can be pretty sure this one will too.

You can see a bit of the side deck in this picture. It came up well.


Now just some deck maintenance to go….

Cleaning the last deck