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Thanks to our friendly Rangers at Lamington National Park we have access to a huge amount of aged Forest Mulch.  This is one of the major resources that we need for much of the work we do.

This has allowed us to continue extending the South Park path.

Our major aim here is to give us a navigable path across the steep slope of South Park and also to ‘interfere’ with the water flow across and down through South Park.

This extension to the path is about 30-40 metres long, and will connect the Orchard path all the way across to the South Gully.

So we set up a string line and started cutting into the hill.

As we have done previously, we cut the base of the path into the hill ensuring there is some slope back to the ‘up’ side.  We use the fill to extend the ‘down’ edge of the path.

Work was relatively easy as the ground was soft still wet from recent rains, so we made good progress and it wasn’t long till we had most of the path cut in. The black clay of South park made it a muddy but satisfying job.

The finished ‘cut in’ can be seen in the photo below. once this is completed, leveled and compacted we are ready for the mulch cover



Starting the extension to South Park pathway
Extension to South Park pathway

We use different mulch mixes for different paths across the property.  For this path we are using straight Forest mulch.

When we have a path with a slope or a path in an area that gets water run, we use a combination of Mushroom Compost(soil) and Mulch.  This makes a sticky mix that holds well to the ground and is resistant to being washed away.

The first time we used a compost/mulch mix on a pathway was the bottom end of South path.  The path had been ripped up by constant water flow and lack of vegetation.

We covered the path and the holes and uneven areas with a thick layer of compost/mulch. This created a firm and even path that encouraged soakage and would stay put in times of heavy rainfall.

A few(a lot) loads of mulch later…  we had a new, solid and maintainable pathway across South Park. You can see the results, and how long the path is in the photos below.

We now need some wet weather and a visit from the local wallabies to ‘test’ the path and show us where weak spots may be and where water will flow in times of high rainfall.

South Park path complete
South Park path complete

The remaining part of this path is the intersection with the South Gully hill.

This is going to take some thinking and engineering as the path must cross the berm at the end of the Park and fit with the 24 degree slope that is South Gully hill.

I need a piece of paper and a calculator…..




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