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Each time we finish one of our construction jobs, new jobs appear as a consequence.  The old ‘one things leads to another’.

With the compost wall finished it is now time to deal with some of the issues across the orchard and the adjoining areas. Today we cut a new path below the Grey Water filter, and dealt with some left over Palm trunks.

We have removed about 17 of the existing Foxtail Palms that where in the hill above the orchard. The foliage and fronds were used to fill the two wholes in South Park that were caused by landslips and a falling tree. We kept the trunks of the palms to be used as path edge reinforcement.

Palm trunks used as path edges.

We placed the palm trunks on the lower edge of the planned path across the orchard. The trunks are held in place in re-purposed steel legs from our plant tables.  We picked up the plant tables, and the legs, from a nursery business that had closed down.

These steel leg bars were perfect for the job.  They were approx 800 mm long and once driven into the ground they held well.

Palm trunks used as path edges
Palm trunks used as path edges

With the trunks in place, we could start cutting the new path under the Grey Water that will connect with the existing path sections crossing the orchard.

The photos below show how and where the path was ‘cut in’.  Making the path is relatively easy as we cut back into the hill and create a ‘flat’ area that slopes back into the hill. This aids in controlling water flow across the hill.

Once ‘cut in’ and leveled, we put a heavy layer of Forest Mulch over the path and pack it down.  With a little rain and some help from the local wallabies the path will get packed down over time and forms a hard walk-able base.

New path below the Grey Water
New path below the Grey Water

With that part of the path done…  a new job appeared!   The rest of the path across the Orchard and South Park.

But that will have to wait for another day.