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With the new(and last) wall finished we have to protect the the new level from rain and weather.

Un-planted or supported bank here disappear very quickly in the rain.

We have our home propagated Lomandras grown and ready to plant in this new bank, and they should do a great job of holding things together.

Our plan is to plant Lomandra hystrix in the front of the bank(shaded side) and Lomandra confertifolia(ssp pallida) on the outer side.

The outer side(N) gets a lot of sun, and the confertifolia – a local indigenous plant – should do well out in the bright sunshine.

So today the first hystrix went in and got well mulched and watered.  We have had no real rain since March..   but these tough plants should survive.

We picked up the white posts in the bank from leftovers of the recent roadworks here.  There are in place to stop the wallabies and kangaroos using the bank as an entry or exit point.

In the dry weather the wallabies can do a lot of damage to a unprotected bank or berm.

The white posts are also a great place for the the local birds to perch and hunt – you can see a Eastern Yellow Robin in the gallery here.

More lomandras are coming but we are restricted by our lack of water. 🙁




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