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Today we undertook some more planting in the South Gully.  As we have now got some trees and plants in position, the plan for further planting is much clearer.

So the second major round of planting was done today.


We continued planting in the rainforest triangle.  The triangle is the area formed by the two creek gullys that run into the South Gully.

The native raspberries that we have left in place are growing well and will form the ‘Raspberry patch’ within the rainforest area. Our plan is to train them on to a rough trellis, and then be able to harvest the raspberries without too much difficulty or damage to ourselves.

The ‘Bush tucker’ area is also within the triangle, and it is where we have planted most of the bush tucker native trees.  These include:

  • Native Guava – Eupomatia laurina
  • Davidson Plum – Davidsonia jerseyana
  • Peanut Tree – Sterculia quadrifida
  • Native Apricot – Pittosporum angustifolium
  • Native Tamarind – Diploglottis australis
  • Qld Macadamia – Macadamia integrifolia


The bush tucker area is alongside one of the paths we have created so that access to the trees is easy.


The remaining are is for rainforest regeneration, creek regeneration.  This is where we continued to plant out today.  Plants included:

  • Black Bean – Castanospermum australe
  • Crows Ash – Flindersia australis
  • Australian Red Cedar – Toona cilata



Planting Planning


We also started some underplanting as well with trees and shrubs that included:

  • Narrow-leaved Cordyline(Narrow-leaved Palm Lily) –  Cordyline stricta
  • Cordyline(Palm Lily) –  Cordyline petiolaris
  • Blue Tongue – Melastoma affine
  • Blue Flax Lily – Dianella caerulea


On most days when we are planting, we plant Lomandra sp.  in various places to support creek banks, and weakened and inundated areas.  This includes:

  • Lomandra hystrix
  • Lomandra Longifolia


While the South Gully and the Rainforest triangle is looking well planted now, we can see more clearly the sheer number of plants that we are going to have to plant in the remaining open areas.




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