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Today we started ‘pouring’ the footing for the container office at the Nursery.  A big step closer to getting the container off the road.


I got the formwork finished and adjusted recently and that meant we could get cracking with the concrete for the footings.

Today we mixed up a batch of concrete and filled our footing holes, being careful not to disturb the reinforcing.

We filled the form to the top and finished it with a trowel.

By chance, we had picked up some plastic form for creating a sloped edge on your concrete pour. These were thrown out by McIllwain when  they fixed our road.

So we added them to the top of the form, hoping for a nice sloped edge that would help drain water and remove the sharp edge.

Concrete Container footings
Concrete Container footings
Concrete Container footings
Concrete Container footings

It’s our first time using the plastic forms, so fingers crossed we got it right.


Everything went as planned and the finished result was neat and level.

Unfortunately we only had enough concrete for one footing so we will have to get some more supplies before we continue on.

Stay tuned…