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The photo above shows you what the view is like off the main deck.

But it was not always like that….

Deck with railing fence
View from the Deck

When we purchased the property the main deck had what appeared to be old bits of pool fence inserted as ‘railings’ under the main railing.

As the photo above shows, it was a bit jail-like.

So we took them out, and the view improved immediately and this was especially so from inside the house.  The obstruction was just gone, and you could see clearly to the bottom of the valley.


So now we had 4 pieces of old pool fence…   and as luck would have it, we had a use – or reuse – for them. We needed frames for our Dragon Fruit to grow up and these bits of fence fitted the bill perfectly.

Recycling our deck railings as frames for Dragonfruit

The ‘railings’ were wired to steel star pickets on what is now the Dragon Fruit level. We created 4 separate structures for the Dragon Fruits we have now.

Currently we have a Red Dragon Fruit, a Yellow Dragon Fruit, and two other ‘regular’ Dragon Fruit plants.

All 4 were placed on the frames and given a little mulch to settle and grow in.  The North side of the home hill is very sunny and should be good for Dragon Fruit…..  as long as we get some decent rain as well.

Finger crossed we will have some home grown Dragon Fruit within a year.





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