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After the promise of rain for a few days, and the disappointment of Sunday’s storm missing us completely, we we very glad to see some rain on Monday afternoon and night.

The storm brought a couple of mm in the afternoon, and later around midnight we had a sharp and heavy downpour.

Total 16mm rain overnight.

With trees, and veges planted and our new main garden bed underway, the rain was much needed, to bed things in, aid composting and settle in the planted trees. Additionally, water storage has been a(known) issue for us, and any rain received is great for our water storage.

The morning after
Modular Water Tanks

Confirmed this morning…   new water tanks arriving next week.

This is great news for us because(when full) the tanks will add another 10,000 litres to our storage capacity.  But most importantly it will give us water above the house, and adjacent to the shed, thereby allowing gravity fed water to be distributed to the gardens, plants and trees.

Additional water storage was identified as one of our three primary issues that need addressing immediately after we moved from Brisbane.

However, we were hampered and restricted by the lack of suitable ‘land’ on which to place new water tanks, and also the inability to move large tanks around the property because of the terrain.

So we made many plans, and changed them constantly until we settled on a plan and design that would help us the most in water storage and distribution.

5 x 2000L ‘modular’ tanks arrive on Monday, and will be installed close to the Main Shed.  They will be fed by water from the shed roof.

This will require plumbing the tanks into the already large and complex maze of down and drainpipes. Not a hard job..  but it might require a little “re-location” for some current residents of the storm water system.

Once complete we will have in excess of 35,000L  of water storage, and as long as the El Nino fades, and we get some summer rain, we should be in a good position.

Water – as previously mentioned – is one of our top 3 priorities, and we know that even the additional storage, will most likely not be enough.  We have plans for extensive vege/growing beds, and have Aquaponics and Vermiponics systems planned. Both of those systems will require a significant amount of water.

So we will keep looking for new spaces and opportunities for tanks.

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