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We have had Native Raspberries(Rubus probus) in pots at the top of the driveway now for almost a year. They have done well, but they do cop a bit of a hiding from the traffic, the sun, the birds etc. So we have decided to move and replace them.

The Raspberries will go to the ‘Raspberry Patch” and they will be replaced with Lomandras.(Lomandra longifolia, Lomandra hystrix, Lomandra confertifolia)

We dragged down the large pots that contained the raspberries and set about removing and splitting them where possible.  They were big plants now and extracting them from the pots required some effort. The soil within the pots dates back a year to when we were scrounging soil from wherever we could get it.  That means they were planted on almost pure ‘mountain soil’.(The normal soil we get from various places on the mountain.)  This soil is very dry, rocky, and drains well, but has little or no organic matter in it.


Each of the raspberries came out of their pots quite easily with a bit of man-handling.

Mountain Soil - Raspberries
De-potted Raspberry

We stripped the excess soil and junk from around each one, making each much smaller and easier to replant.

The de-potted raspberries were re-planted in the original “Raspberry Patch”.  This is a row of Native Raspberries that we planted in early 2016 within the “Callistemon Garden”.  It was always our plan to plant more Native Raspberries here and created a grove that would supply us with lots of Raspberries through the season.

The first plantings in the “Raspberry Patch” were tubestock Rubus probus.

The original Raspberry Patch

We got 6 ‘new’ Raspberries from the driveway pots, and all transplanted well and slotted nicely into spaces in the “Raspberry Patch”.  All were given compost, watered in, and given a dose of half-strength seaweed fertiliser.

'New' Raspberries in place

We now have around 12 Raspberries plants in the ground and all will shoot new canes over the next year.  In 12 months or so we should have a bumper crop of sweet Native Raspberries.

Just got to keep the birds off them!




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