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With the base for the Nursery IBCs fixed we can now (re)install the second IBC again, and fill them with water.

After the rain damage to the Nursery in October we had to re-seat the base of the two IBCs that form the initial water storage at the Nursery.  Now that it is intact and secure again we can put the upper IBC back in place and put some water in them

The water is needed for the construction of the nursery and as an interim water supply till we get the tanks/pump/solar and roofs set up

Filling the Nursery IBCs
Filling the Nursery IBCs

We checked everything was still secure and level(see above :)), and then put the second IBC back in place. 

We had already picked up some water from town, so we just had to let it siphon down into the IBCs and job done.

Everything went smoothly and remained level and straight, so now that we have water again we can get on with the concrete footings for the container.

Filling the Nursery IBCs