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We set up our Bath Worm Farm sometime ago now and it is part of our waster system and part of our garden nutrition system.

It’s now time for a reload!


When we first loaded the worm farm we put in a large amount of cardboard and paper as well as green vegetable matter.  

This load was devoured by the worm in just a few months.

The Bath Worm Farm has been sitting dormant since then.

So we need to “reload” it again.  This means reloading lots of “food” for the worms and then adding some worms and worm eggs.

This is easily done by stripping some of the worm casting from one of our existing worm farms.

The castings contain lots of nutrition and lots of worm eggs, and lots of worms. We added around a litre of worm castings and collected them in an old cardboard box.  The cardboard box becomes food for the worms.

So now it is loaded, we just need to keep the moisture up to the worms and they will eat and multiply.

The paper and cardboard will disappear and be recycled as nutrition, that will then feed our food production.  Simple.




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