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We have a big White Cedar(Melia azedarach) on the Plot level and it has been a ‘PITA’ since we got here.  Beautiful tree, but it does not work where it is.

So it’s for the chop!

Don’t worry…   We have already planted three replacements in the garden on each side of the Cedar.

Two Cassia marksiana and another Cassia brewsteri.  These tree will look great and function well with the current Cassia brewsteri that covers the west side of the house.

You can see the brewsteri in the image at the top of the page.  The big green tree behind the chopped Cedar.


The Cedar is a problem because it drops it’s seed(with the help of the Currawongs) onto the plot level and the Grevillea garden and the lower Vege Plots. 

These seeds sit in mulch and humus for a few months and when we get rain….  we get hundreds of small Cedar seedlings appearing.

So after 3 years..  it’s time for it to go.

As always it will be a slow process as the tree holds the bank of the plot level together on the south side.

So we took one large branch off today and we will return to get the other two main branches.

We will leave the stump and it will probably become a support for another plant.

Removing the White Cedar

The timber from this branch will be used to reinforce the lower bank of the Tank Level – Part of our Leaky Weirs program.

The larger bits will probably end up as fire wood.


Unfortunately I recently ‘blew up’ the Chainsaw..  and it was terminal! 

So we had to do this with a hand saw and a pruning saw.  Not an easy job but we ended up with a pretty clean cut.

… and a good shoulder workout.


So with this branch gone we will see how it effects the West side of the house. 

The two trees(Cassia and Cedar) protect the western side from wind and the long afternoon sun and dropping this branch will change the present outlook.

As mentioned, the intention is to remove the Cedar completely. 

Taking this branch will also hopefully give the replacement trees a little more light and sun.




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