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Two nights ago the road works started at Site 55.  This is one of the sites close to our house and adjoining our property.

This is the site a couple of corners up from the house and the damage here was mostly caused in the June 2016 deluge.  Not the results of Cyclone Debbie.  We are happy for it to be fixed, no matter what caused it.

Road works - Site 55

You can see in the image above that we lost some trees.  This is an unfortunate side affect of the road works and repairs.

Fortuitously, the company doing the road repairs has offered us the mulch from the trees that are taken, and where the trees are not mulched they are dropped on to our property where they will become habitat, water obstructions and organic matter.

This is just the beginning of the excavation, and we expect it to get larger.

And the following night it was….

Road works - Site 55
Road works - Site 55

It’s four levels deep now and will hold a large concrete footing and multiple gabions to hold up the road.

Interestingly the excavation uncovered more existing gabions than was first thought to be there.  The southern end of the site has gabions 4-5 levels deep.

The loss of trees and the constant expanding footprint of the road work sites has opened up the road significantly, and there has been a huge loss of ‘greenery’ along the road and in the inside corners.

Road works - Site 55
Road works - Site 55

This is one of many sites that will be close to us, and one of about 10 sites(so far) that adjoin our property.

We are hoping the damage to the environment will be minimal..  but we are not hopeful.