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The road works continue… (I am going to be saying that a lot!)

We have maintained an active role in the road works, and have attempted to gain as much info as possible and exercise our knowledge of the road when we are talking to the various workers.

Some times that pays off.  Sometimes not.

Today – 2nd  May  – was not a good day.


At “Site 27”  just down the road from us, we have major excavations going on in preparation for the road repair.

We have negotiated and shared lots of info with the workers at that site and our McIllwain contacts, so the excavation was going on around one of our very old Narrow-leaved Ironbarks(> 300 yrs old!).

Unfortunately today we lost that tree.


Excavations were carefully ongoing around the tree, but it appears that overnight the roots have failed the tree and it has fallen.

You can see it in the image at the top of the page.

Road works - May 2018

It appears now that some of the repairs near us are having a massive toll on the native environment.  Many of the corner/gully repairs have been completed at the cost of many trees old and young.

We have been told that ‘environmental consultants” have input on all the plans, but we have not seen a lot of active planning to avoid damage.

The root ball of our lost Ironbark
Fallen Ironbark

No doubt there will be some more losses along the way, but we have big plans for planting as soon as the workers move on.

Stay tuned…




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