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As part of our rejuvenation of the rainforest and creek areas on our property, we are planting trees of varying types in appropriate places.  This includes creek specific native Australian trees and plants.

One type of tree we are planting is the native Sandpaper Fig.

We learnt originally that there were two types – Creek Sandpaper Fig (Ficus coronata) and A Sandpaper Fig (Ficus fraseri).  We acquired two specimens of each of these types of Sandpaper Fig, and immediately had trouble telling them apart.

Then we discovered there was a third type of Sandpaper Fig – Sweet Sandpaper Fig (Ficus opposita), and the confusion really set in.

Luckily we found Graeme Wilson’s information on the MoggillHaven website. Graeme has some good information on telling the difference between the three types, including this little list:

Distinguishing sandpaper varieties of fig

Graeme Wilson – The Three Native Sandpaper Figs


Unfortunately for us, our seedlings were fruitless, and juvenile, and we have been unable to distinguish between the two types we acquired(F. fraseri and F. coronata).

So we will have to wait a while to confirm the species that we have.  Our belief is that we have two of each..  and we are hoping that is right.



Featured image: Courtesy of Save Our Waterways Now




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