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Serious road works on Lamington National Park Rd(LNPR) are about to start.  The road crews have started moving in and the speed limit on LNPR has been decreased – severely!


Serious road works begin

Unfortunately for the road crews, we think that they have set up in the wrong place.  Right in a small section of Lamington national Park. Oops!

No doubt the Rangers will be on to them as soon as they see their set up.

There are 4 major repairs to be done to the road above us.  These will be the first of about 40 repairs along the road, and work is expected to continue till the end of 2018.  And that is just to fix the damage caused by Cyclone Debbie

Road Crew setup (in the wrong place)

Hopefully One day Scenic Rim Regional Council or the Department of Transport and Main Roads will come along and fix the bits of the road that have needed fixing for > 2 years.

But we are not holding our breath.




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