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Every power-using device we can turn off makes more power available for those that we must use.

So we are always looking for solutions that allow us to turn off or not use and electrical device.

Our shed is quite dark and it has only one side lit by old flourescent lights.  So the light in there is often poor, and we have to use electric lights during the day.  That’s not too much of an issue, but finding that you have left them on in the middle of the night was an issue – and a running joke for us.

So we solved that problem and cut a skylight into the shed roof.

We had some corrugated clear polycarbonate roofing sheet that we had picked up as a bargain. So we measured up a spot near the peak of the shed roof and cut  a decent sized hole  in the roof sheeting. Our cordless angle grinder made short work of this.

Then we covered this with the polycarbonate, and tucked it up under the roof peak to stop any seepage.

We bolted it back down with the original sheeting screws…  and voila it was done!

Shed Roof Skylight

The difference inside the shed was immediate and massive.  It’s so light.

We have plans for another skylight for the eastern side of the shed, but we will do this after we place the eastern-side solar panels that are coming when we update the racks on the main roof.

So even more light is coming.


We accomplished this job with an Ozito – PowerX Change –  Cordless Angle Grinder.  Cordless tools hav become a big part of how we save power now and Ozito brand from Bunnings has served us well. We will be posting more about these tools.




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