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We have one of our new adjustable Solar Racks in place now supporting some of the new panels. This will allow us to adjust our Solar Panels for maximum efficiency based on the time of year and the angle of the sun.

We also now have a set dates for adjusting the panels.  These are based on the Summer/Winter Solstice times  and the adjust-ability of our Solar Racks.

We will now adjust our Solar Racks on:


  • 4th February
  • 5th May
  • 7th August
  • 7 November
Adjusting the Solar Panels

Our existing solar panel racks are adjustable, and we have built three new racks for the new panels.  The new racks are based on the ‘old’ racks, and have three adjustment points.

These adjustment points are approximately at   13 o, 26 o and XXo.   The prime angle for maximum solar efficiency here is 26o.

In Winter (5 May – 7 Aug) all our panels will be at the maximum angle.

Through Autumn (4 Feb – 5 May) and Spring(7 Aug- 7 Nov) the panels will be adjusted to the mid-point

In Summer (7 Nov – 4 Feb) the panels will be placed at almost no angle, as the sun is almost directly above us.

Interestingly, these dates differ from the original dates that I had calculated/researched back in March 2016. I believe the new dates are more accurate for where we are situated.  The previous dates were based on articles I had read, were generalisations, and if you look online now you will find multiple different lists of dates. Some more research is needed.


Being able to adjust the panels will lead to an  increase in the efficiency of the panels, and extend and improve our battery charging times.




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