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Erosion is one of our major issues here at Arborlon.  We have come to realise that the mountain is constantly moving, and that movement is downwards.  Water erosion, physical erosion, rock falls and plant loss are all part of the erosion picture.

So many of our projects have been aimed at restoring stability through planting, terraforming and construction.

Today was the start of the more major constructions that will become the great walls of Arborlon.


Our South Path has been significantly affected by erosion(and weeds, invasive pants, and vegetation poisoning!).

This is the path in 2010

South Path 2010

This is the same place in 2015

South Path 2015

The major aspect we wanted to address was the water-caused erosion.  We receive significant Summer rainfall here, and with the lack of vegetation and topsoil erosion was(is) going to be an issue.


Our aim here is to stop the movement of earth and soil ‘downhill’.

We are constructing a sleeper wall on the lower side of the path and replanting both on the upper and lower sides.  Above the wall we will extend the width of the path, and fill behind the wall and re-plant grass.  Below the wall we will plant Lomandras(Lomandra hystrix) and Lily Pillys – Scrub Cherry(Syzigium australe)

This is just the start and we have many more walls to build.







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