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Today we moved further down the South path into the South Gully and continued clearing.

Long overgrown grass and Lantana covered just about everything at the end of the path so we knew it was going to be a tough job.

From my previous visits to the property, I knew there was a gully down here, and an ephemeral creek and some rocky areas.  But none of these could be seen.

The Lantana in the gully was over 4 metres deep in places and up trees and heading into the canopy.

Clearing the South

At the end of South Path the path turns downhill and into the gully.

We brush-cut our way down the path and cleared the lantana growing across the path and made our way to the bottom.

We could still not see the creek bed, and the gully remained full of lantana and overgrown raspberries and Smilax australis.

Clearing the South

We made good progress and by the end of the day, the path was clear and we could start to see the layout of the gully.

The next job was to attack the growth within the gully.

This was going to be another hard job as the lantana and Smilax got thicker, and more entwined with each other, as we moved down the path.


I know what the place can and will look like…  but it is harder for Shionagh to see.




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