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We completed our Fire Deck a few months ago, but still had some final touches to do to finish things off.  We are almost there…   but after the week we have just had we thought it was time to fire up the fire pit and see how everything works.

So we did 🙂

And everything worked perfectly.  Easy to start a fire, fire set well and drew well.  All in all it worked without issue.

We started the planning and construction for the Fire Deck way back in Jan/Feb 2016, and we probably had it in our minds months before that. We knew it would be a big project, and that when complete it would add value to the property, and give us a stunning entertaining area.

The images below show the blank slate we had to work with.

So on Friday night we decided it was time.  We grabbed a couple of beers, matches and some paper and headed down to the deck. Once lit the fire burned perfectly,and safely, and we sat back and enjoyed the sunset and the “serenity” for a couple of hours.

With Lamington National Park Rd closed to regular traffic we got to experience the deck in almost total ‘silence’.

We will have the north deck garden completed in the next month or so,and then the Acacia garden behind the deck is next on the list.

This will almost fully complete the Fire Deck area and will be another huge milestone in the progress we have mad in the last 18 months.




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