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Today our new shipping container office arrived.

We only bought it 2 days ago, but as we bought it at auction we had to ‘take possession’ and move it as soon as possible.

So now it is sitting on the side of the road…  waiting for us to build some footings for it to sit on.  As you will know, we have only just ‘created’ the nursery space and it has become a big and somewhat urgent job.

New Shipping Container arrives

This is the Nursery second level, and the shipping container will sit on the North side in the pegged out area.

But before we can move it in we need to construct some solid and firm concrete footings.

With a bit of luck we will get this done in the next week or so.

Nursery - Container level

The shipping container off-loaded easily and the driver dropped right in the spot we had marked out.

There are still major roadworks going on all along Lamington national Park Rd including just down the road from here at Site 81.  So we had to make sure the shipping container was well off the road and out of the way of the construction traffic.

We will get one of the Frannas from the road works to move the container for us when we are ready.

New Shipping Container arrives

We bought this shipping container as an all in one solution for the Nursery office.  It is brand new, secure and an instant solid and waterproof structure.

We will be adding a skillion-type roof – for water catchment and sun protection.  Also the container will be clad in hardwood and insulated as it sits on the North side of the Nursery in the direct sun.

Security is the biggest issue for us, as the Nursery is not within sight of the house. This container is very secure.

A friend said to us many months ago..

“Do not leave your possessions outside, lest your neighbour become a thief”




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