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With almost 30 mm of rain in the last 24 hours, our top tanks are overflowing.

This was the first test of the new top water tank overflow system we set up recently.

All water needs to be tracked and controlled across our property.  This sounds a little extreme, but the damage done by uncontrolled water on our mountain can be catastrophic. We have already had to deal with problems associated with the top water tanks overflowing and causing the tanks to sink into the ground.

So controlling where water is going to flow to is very important.

The new overflow system worked perfectly and transferred the overflow water to the IBC behind the Containers. The IBC can catch 1000 litres of overflow.

Our intention is that the outflow from the IBC will be connected to an irrigation system that will water the Orchard.

Right now there is just a temporary hose attachment so that the water can be used in the Orchard, in the Container Garden or disposed of via the Grey Water system.

The Irrigation system can not be installed until we get the Container Garden finished, and we need some decent rain to do that. So we will add it to the list of jobs.


to be continued…


IBC Water Tank Overflow



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