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Finishing off the Grevillea garden – Tank Level – 26th August 2017

We finished off the Grevillea garden on the Tank Level today.  

It’s a good feeling, to get it finished, to get plants in the ground and see how it will all potentially look.

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Increasing our Water Storage – 25th August 2017

Water has always been an issue here.  

Partly due to the steepness of our property(No flat land for tanks), and partly due to the intermittent nature of rain on the western side of the coastal ranges.

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Passive heating and cooling the house

By our estimations, the house here at Arborlon was built about 20 years ago.We don’t know who built it, but as we’ve lived here now for two years, we’ve noticed how well they designed the aspects of the house to achieve natural heating and cooling. We have no need for heating or air-conditioning!

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Planting the North Face – 8th August 2017

One plan we have had almost since we arrived two years ago, is to plant the “North Face”.

The “North Face” is the steep open slope that falls away quickly in front of the deck. It is open and very steep and really needs some trees replaced.

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Now that’s a Lemon! – 7th August 2017

We have some good friends here in our local area and just up the mountain a bit friends own a small parcel of land right on the border of the rainforest.

They have a number of large and old citrus and fruit trees, that do extremely well in the rainforest environment.

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Cassia vs Cedar – Big Tree Decisions – 3rd Aug 2017

The “Plot Level” is just below the house to our western side.  It is dominated by two large trees that are present.

A ‘Leichardt Bean’ – Cassia brewsterii, and a ‘White Cedar’ – Melia azedarach

We love the Cassia, but the White Cedar is becoming ‘weedy’ as it drops hundreds of seeds each year and these appear in our gardens and veg plots.

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Fault Finding – AGM Solar Batteries – 30th July 2017

Lately the stored power in our Solar Batteries has not been performing well.

The power stored for overnight use had not been good since we got here, but lately had become an issue as we would come very close to running out of power overnight.

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Don’t build your Solar Box out of Pine! – 30 July 2017

We built the Solar Box, for the batteries and components of our new Solar System, soon after we got here almost 2 years ago.

The initial build was always temporary as we knew we would be relocating and /or rewiring this system once we got settled.

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Burying the Plot Irrigation – 28th July 2017

In lots of photos you may have seen the ‘blue snake’ across the lawn on the plot level. That was the Plot hose connected to the Plot irrigation…

Well we finally got it ‘buried’ and completed.

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Lots of Birds about – 25th July 2017

Despite the cold nights, the weather lately has been sunny and warm.  At times even hot. This seems to have brought out a large number of birds that we see daily, passing the deck or on our way around the property. While most of the regulars are here, we also seem to...
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