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July 2019 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took in July 2019

The Hoons never made it up the mountain – 2nd August 2019

Being a windy mountain road in the South East of Queensland….  we are beset by hoon idiots on most weekends.

Those who live on Mt Nebo Rd, Beechmont Rd, Springbrook Rd etc will know exactly what we are talking about.

Reloading the Bath Worm Farm – 26 July 2019

We set up our Bath Worm Farm sometime ago now and it is part of our waster system and part of our garden nutrition system.

It’s now time for a reload!

It’s so close…. The final wall – 4th July 2019

The final sections of our major wall construction are due for completion… and then that will be the end!

Just two sections left to complete….

June 2019 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took in June 2019

Currawong Curry – 1st July 2019

Among the many bird species found here we have local Pied Curawongs.  They are a daily bird here and their call always reminds us of when we first moved here.

Planning the last wall! – 17th June 2019

Today we bit the bullet...   and started planning the last section of the retaining walls that will protect the house hill.We had put this off for a while as we had other priorities and we also knew how hard this last bit was going to be.We needed an...

Finishing the Container Wall – 15th June 2019

Now the the Container Wall had been saved and strengthened…  we had a hole to fill.

Rescuing the Container Wall – 11th June 2019

One of the original timber retaining walls near the Containers had started to fail when we purchased the property.

But now it is actually falling down… Time for a fix.

Propagating Lomandra confertifolia – 6th June 2019

We had collected some Lomandra confertifolia seeds from our local Lomandras and we had had a good result from germinating them in a large tray.

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