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Re-doing the Raspberries – 6th October 2016

We have had Native Raspberries(Rubus probus) in pots at the top of the driveway now for almost a year. They have done well, but they do cop a bit of a hiding from the traffic, the sun, the birds etc. So we have decided to move and replace them.

The Raspberries will go to the ‘Raspberry Patch” and they will be replaced with Lomandras.(Lomandra longifolia, Lomandra hystrix, Lomandra confertifolia)

Whoa Boy! – 9th July 2016

One of our major issues at Arborlon is Erosion. Running or flowing water has caused significant erosion in most gullies across our property and severely affected the house hill. Now that the South path Wall is finished we can continue to add some more elements of our water control plan.

One of those is the use of Whoa-boys. Don’t know what a Whoa-boy is… neither did we. At least not by that name.

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