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Footings and Gardens – 2nd February 2017

When we purchased Arborlon 18 mths or so ago, one of the existing problems we knew about was the footings that supported the SW corner of the house. They were in bad shape and needed repairing/replacing. So much so that there is a 50mm drop in the floor of our lounge room from one side to the other.

Unfortunately we needed to support other elements of the hill the house is built on, before we could get to actually permanently fixing the damaged and broken footings.

Rocks on the Road – 3rd January 2017

Running alongside about 5km of our property’s boundary is Lamington Nation Park Rd. This long windy road leads from our local town Canungra up the mountain to the Green Mountain section of Lamington National Park.

There are things we dislike about the road – eg: slow traffic, but there are many more things that bring us a little joy and confort on the road to.

Re-doing the Raspberries – 6th October 2016

We have had Native Raspberries(Rubus probus) in pots at the top of the driveway now for almost a year. They have done well, but they do cop a bit of a hiding from the traffic, the sun, the birds etc. So we have decided to move and replace them.

The Raspberries will go to the ‘Raspberry Patch” and they will be replaced with Lomandras.(Lomandra longifolia, Lomandra hystrix, Lomandra confertifolia)

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