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January 2018 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took from January 2018

December 2017 – Shots of the Month

December 2017 – Shots of the Month

Bananas Done – 2nd January 2018

Today we got the finals touches done to the new Banana Bed. 

With a bit of luck our bananas will now thrive and give us a few bunches to enjoy.

Buying local in The Scenic Rim

We grow our own food as much as possible, but with the restricted water here lately as well as the fact that we are still getting established, we’ve found that we need to source food grown locally. Buying from local food stands, we find there is less packaging, we know the food is fresh, we pick it up on our way in or out of town with no special trips necessary.

We’ve gotten so good at keeping food in stock at home now, we only go into town once or maybe twice a week.

Fixing the Bananas – 28th December 2017

Just in front of the new Compost Bins is the old Banana stand.  It has been here for a long time and occasionally pops a bunch of bananas.

So we are going to keep it, and give it a better bed to grow in.

Building the Compost Bins – 12th December 2017

With the Compost Wall finished, we set about building our new large Compost bins.  The fun part was always going to be the  digging the 8 post hole needed to make the bin.

The ground here is like rock!

Finishing off the South Path Rock Drain – 6th December 2017

Managing the water that flows over the property in big rain events is an ongoing job. Today we ‘finished’ the first South path rock drain and it’s downhill flow area.

November 2017 – Shots of the Month

November 2017 – Shots of the Month

Truly Finished – Compost Wall – 24th November 2017

It’s finished!

At long last we have the Compost Wall finished and complete.  Just a little landscaping to do.

Still not quite finished – Compost Wall – 20th November 2017

We really want to get this walled finished!

Just one post hole and about 10 sleepers and we will be done.

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