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Maintaining the Table – 5th February 2019

Because we live Off-Grid and in the bush we spend a lot of time ‘outside’ on the deck and our main table is our most used piece of furniture.

It was in need of some maintenance so we took it a bit further.

January 2019 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took in January 2019

Plumbing the Nursery tanks – 1st February 2019

We have acquired three 5000 litres water tanks for the Nursery and today we connected those tanks in preparation for the addition of pump and solar power.

Pouring the Container Footings – Part 1 – 22nd January 2019

Today we started ‘pouring’ the footing for the container office at the Nursery.  A big step closer to getting the container off the road.

Native Raspberry Spritzer – 13th January 2019

Our indigenous Native Raspberries are flowering and fruiting at the moment, and that means fresh raspberries for breakfast.

Which gave us an idea for a cool drink on these very hot days.

Propagating Lomandra – 8th January 2019

One of the main plants we use in erosion control and creek management is Lomandras – the Australian mat rush. Propagating these form our own seed is our next project.

December 2018 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took in December 2018

Callistemon Path maintenance – 1st January 2019

It’s been some time now since we made the Callistemon path to the south of the driveway and it was badly in need of some maintenance.

How do you get a snake out of a water tank? – 1st January 2018

After December’s rain, we saw our water started to get a little ‘brown’. As we rely on rain water collection this is not abnormal and can have lots of different indications.
But this was a first.

Re-installing the Nursery IBCs – 13th December 2018

With the base for the Nursery IBCs fixed we can now (re)install the second IBC again, and fill them with water.

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