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Easter Weeds – Easter Cassia

Around the time of Easter in South East Queensland there is an explosion of colourful yellow-flowering trees. Find out why this is a bad thing.

Life goes on – 10 April 2021

Life goes on – 10 April 2021

Pipe full of Frogs – 6th March 2021

I was checking the shed storm water down pipes when I got a big surprise!

A big Green surprise.

December 2019 – Shots of the Month

Shots of the Month – December 2019

Planting 67 – 22nd March 2020

Rain means planting!  …and we have had some rain    It’s time to plant.

Cainbable Fire starts behind us -13th December 2019

About 10am yesterday(12th Dec) we spotted a fire to our south west which was a new fire. The fire was just across the western valley on the other side of Cainbable Creek

November 2019 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took in November 2019

No Rain Again – 5 November 2019

Another rain system passed us this weekend and delivered nothing….

With no significant rain since March and the now rising temperatures, things are looking grim.

The Gutter is on! – 5th November 2019

This was a first-time for us with the gutters. 

I have fixed them, cut them and broken gutters before, but I had never made one from scratch.

The dry continues.. – 3rd November 2019

Despite all the predictions to the contrary…   the big dry continues.

November will be our 8th month without significant rain, if more rain does not arrive. And it does not look promising.

Tree Count