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The Shipping Container ‘Office’ arrives – 7th September 2018

Today our new shipping container office arrived.

We only bought it 2 days ago, but as we bought it at auction we had to ‘take possession’ and move it as soon as possible.

Solar Panel Adjustment Time again – 20th August 2018

It’s that time again, and this time we can adjust all our newly installed adjustable solar racks.

It has taken a while but we are very pleased with them and the increase in efficiency is already paying off.

Rescuing the South Path Wall – 3rd August 2018

This week we set out to rescue the South Path wall – The first wall we built.

After suffering damage from multiple torrential storms and downpours it has started to fail in a serious way.

June 2018 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took in June 2018

May 2018 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took in May 2018

Shedding some light on the shed – June 2nd 2018

Every power-using device we can turn off makes more power available for those that we must use. So we are always looking for solutions that allow us to turn off or not use and electrical device. Our shed is quite dark and it has only one side lit by old...

Yellow Box Flowering – 7th May 2018

Our Yellow Box(Eucalyptus melliodora) are flowering and it’s snowing on the big deck.

April 2018 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took in April 2018

Road Work Update – May 2018

The road works continue… (I am going to be saying that a lot!)

We have maintained an active role in the road works, and have attempted to gain as much info as possible and exercise our knowledge of the road when we are talking to the various workers.  Some times that pays off.  Sometimes not.

Lopping the problem trees – 1st May 2018

We still have some non-native tree on the property, but are slowly removing them all.
Among those are the big Jacaranda and the similar sized Poinciana.
Both these need a chop back as they are very shady.

Tree Count