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November 2017 – Shots of the Month

November 2017 – Shots of the Month

Truly Finished – Compost Wall – 24th November 2017

It’s finished!

At long last we have the Compost Wall finished and complete.  Just a little landscaping to do.

Still not quite finished – Compost Wall – 20th November 2017

We really want to get this walled finished!

Just one post hole and about 10 sleepers and we will be done.

We have worms

We literally have worms everywhere!

We have four worm bins in our container shed where we turn our food scraps into worm castings and worm juice.

October 2017 – Shots of the Month

Photos from October 2017

Finishing the Compost Wall – 29th October 2017

We have had some delays in the last few months that have stopped us completing the last of the wall that runs behind our main tank and along the western side of the hill.

But it was time we got stuck into it again and got it finished.

First Asparagus of the Season – 10th October 2017

The first Asparagus of the season has shot up and we are hoping for a bit more success than last year.

Planting out the new North Face bank – 6th October 2017

After clearing and widening the Dragonfuit level with the excavator we needed to plant out the new bank we had created at the eastern end of the level.

The bank was made with excess mountain soil from the excavation.

September 2017 – Shots of the Month

Photos from September 2017

Serious Road Works get started – 1st October 2017

Serious road works on Lamington National Park Rd(LNPR) are about to start.  The road crews have started moving in and the speed limit on LNPR has been decreased – severely!

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