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‘Mount Rushmore’ is almost complete – 24th November 2018

With the road works coming to an end we are seeing the ‘finished product’ in some areas.

Solar Panel Adjustment Time again – 21st November 2018

That time has rolled around again…  Solar Panel angle adjustment time 🙂

PVC Pipes, Possums and Goannas – 20th November 2018

As you can imagine, we are surrounded by animals here on the mountain.  Lots of them we see, and some of them we don’t.

Sometimes our intrusion into their “home” becomes an issue when their lives intersect with ours.

The Shipping Container ‘Office’ arrives – 7th September 2018

Today our new shipping container office arrived.

We only bought it 2 days ago, but as we bought it at auction we had to ‘take possession’ and move it as soon as possible.

Solar Panel Adjustment Time again – 20th August 2018

It’s that time again, and this time we can adjust all our newly installed adjustable solar racks.

It has taken a while but we are very pleased with them and the increase in efficiency is already paying off.

Rescuing the South Path Wall – 3rd August 2018

This week we set out to rescue the South Path wall – The first wall we built.

After suffering damage from multiple torrential storms and downpours it has started to fail in a serious way.

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