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Harsh Pruning – 19th April 2018

In the terraces at the front of the house is a number of larger and mature Callistemon(Bottle Brush) trees.

One of the larger ones is near the North East corner of the house.  Unfortunately this tree is starting to cast shadow on our solar panels, so it is going to need a big chop!

Moving the Water Habitat(Bird Bath) – 12th April 2018

This was the first water habitat we created when we got here, almost 2 years ago. 

But the growth of trees and shrubs around it has made it harder and harder to see, and therefore harder to see the birds that visit.

February 2018 – Shots of the Month

The best photos we took from February 2018

Fixing the Road – Our Turn – 18th March 2018

The damage to Lamington National Park Rd caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie is still being repaired.  It has been 12 months since 400mm+ rain fell here in ‘Upper’ Cainbable.

It is now our turn to get ‘repaired’

Pretty-faced Wallabies fighting – 13th March 2018

Most mornings each week we are visited by our local wallabies.  This includes Red-necked Wallabies(Macropus rufogriseus) and Pretty-faced(Whiptail) Wallabies(Macropus parryi)

There is usually some action to add to the entertainment, but every few weeks or so “the boys” seem more interested in fighting than anything else.

Path across the Park – 11th March 2018

Thanks to our friendly Rangers at Lamington National Park we have access to a hug amount of aged Forest Mulch.  This is one of the major resources that we need for much of the work we do.

This has allowed us to continue extending the South Park path.

Taking Up Road Plantings – 2nd March 2018

Work is still ongoing along large parts of Lamington National Park Rd, and the DTMR and their contractors are about to start repairs on a number of sites close to our property.

Unfortunately this means we will have to pull-up some of our road plantings that are in the repair areas.

New Path across the Orchard – 1st March 2018

We have paths that we have cut through South park and the Orchard, but they are incomplete and the paths are not connected.

So today we set about completing and connecting a number of bit of path.

Paths and Palms – 28th February 2018

Each time we finish one of our construction jobs, new jobs appear as a consequence.  The old ‘one things leads to another’.

With the compost wall finished it is now time to deal with some of the issues across the orchard and the adjoining areas. Today we cut a new path below the Grey Water filter, and dealt with some left over Palm trunks.

Brachychiton Webbing Caterpillars/Moths – 28 February 2108

One morning you wake up and your prized Brachychiton sp.(Flame Tree/Bottle Tree/Kurrajong) looks like it has been attacked by very tiny bondage experts!

Tiny white ropes have tied up all the stems sand branches, and the leaves are gathered in tiny bundles and bound.

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