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Re-doing the Raspberries – 6th October 2016

We have had Native Raspberries(Rubus probus) in pots at the top of the driveway now for almost a year. They have done well, but they do cop a bit of a hiding from the traffic, the sun, the birds etc. So we have decided to move and replace them.

The Raspberries will go to the ‘Raspberry Patch” and they will be replaced with Lomandras.(Lomandra longifolia, Lomandra hystrix, Lomandra confertifolia)

Building a Grey Water Filter Pond – 28th July 2016

The house here at Arborlon has a somewhat primitive grey water system. Water from the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and shower drains to a grey water reservoir just outside the house in our back yard. it is a small-ish concrete tank set in the ground. It has a submersible dirty water pump that runs intermittently, and the outlet is just a grey water pipe extended down the hill below the house.

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