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Despite all the predictions to the contrary…   the big dry continues.

November will be our 8th month without significant rain, if more rain does not arrive. And it does not look promising.

Drought - November - 2019

Over October we received about 23mm of rain, but all were in small showers and quick storms. The highest single total was only 9mm.

The September total  was 18mm and August only 0.5mm.

Our soils are so dry now, we can not plant anything, we have closed all our vege beds and are now watering only  the main tree plantings in the garden.

Drought - November - 2019

We’ve lost over 100 plants – in pots, along with about 80 cuttings for propagation.

We have had some significant tree damage too. The image below is a shot of our orchard where all trees are suffering badly. It even looks as though we will lose our Mango tree.

Drought - November - 2019

In many places across the property almost all vegetation is dead, and much of the remaining “greenery” is plants planted by us.

We are really happy that we got as much planted as we did in the years preceding this drought. 

Much of what we have planted has survived. But plants and trees put in the ground in the last six months are now all but deceased.

Drought - November - 2019

These photos are from our last walk around the property.  This is something we would essentially do every day.. at some point.  Now we avoid it.

There is nothing to see but more death and destruction.

The images below are from our regen are – The Triangle.  Many of the larger trees remain but understory growth has been severely impacted and exposed trees are also in trouble.

There is a small upside to this situation which will help us a lot.  

The upside is that most if not all the weeds and exotic plants across the property are severely impacted or dead from the drought. This will allow us to get in and clear large areas of Lantana and other weeds in areas that we have not been able to access before.

It’s a small ‘upside’..  but it will make a difference.

Drought - November - 2019