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My partner and I recently bought a 50 acre property in the scenic rim of the Gold Coast Hinterland. The simple two bedroom house that was built about 20 years ago is completely off the grid. This blog is intended to be an account of our experience to help others live off the grid and become more sustainable.

The house faces due north, with a wide covered veranda to help keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. Mostly the 50 acres is unusable, except for the acre around the house where we plan on growing food to sustain ourselves and hopefully sell our organic produce from a stall at our gate. The remaining acreage is bush land which provides privacy and a natural habitat for wildlife. We are located on the side of a mountain with shear cliffs on the side of a mountain road on the way to a popular rain forest retreat.

Living sustainably off the grid while lowering our footprint and growing our own food has been a long time dream for both of us. Being located on the side of a mountain provides us with the many challenges of retaining our hill but the advantage of stunning views outweighs any negatives. In this blog, we plan on talking about:

Soil erosion

Weed control

Living on solar power

Organic gardening

Food production

Becoming self sufficient


Planting natives

Cultivating a rain forest